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Wonderful for cleaning vulnerable stone surfaces without scaring or scratching (especially with Vulpex soap).

These are also used for the burnishing of arms, armor & other metal surfaces.

(If the bristles produce fine scratch marks on metals, these can be smoothed out by the use of Pre-lim).

(A) Large Brush
(B) Small Brush
(C) Sculptures Brush
(D) Toothbrush
(E) Stair Brush

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Product Description

Picreator Enterprises Ltd. Of London originally designed these brushes after seeing Vulpex liquid soap in action on interior stone at the London Natural History Museum. The contractor was using ordinary bristle brushes and the process was very drawn out. They decided to design better brushes to speed up the cleaning of stone with Vulpex.

The brushes had to be designed so the bristles would not scar nor scratch vulnerable stone. Phosphor-bronze wire was selected because it does not rust. This very fine-drawn wire was crimped for extra strength while in use on various surfaces. More importantly, the wire had to be packed tightly on a hard wood stock. Ordinary commercial wire brushes, made to an economical price, tend to have tufts of bristles surrounded by spaces. This would enable the tufts to move freely inside their pocket of space – thus promoting scarring of surfaces. Our brushes are designed so that all of the wire moves as a single unit and scratching does not occur.

Over the years the brushes have proved very successful in the cleaning of stone (especially with Vulpex soap). Additionally, arms, armour and other metal restorers use the brushes for burnishing metals. If the bristles produce fine scratch marks on metals, these scratches can be smoothed out by the use of Pre-lim surface cleaner as a final treatment. Lastly, Renaissance Wax/Polish is applied to clean, define, enhance, polish, protect and restore the object(s) surface.

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A – Large Brush – $65.00, B- Small Brush – $50.00, C- Sculpture Brush – $33.00, D- Toothbrush – $25.00, E Stair Brush – $35.00


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