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Lynx Gloss Coat


2oz. bottle

Product Description

It was originally developed for use on firearms and all metal objects.

The unique protective film formed with regular use of Lynx Gloss Coat will repel lint and protect against salt water and high humidity.

The suspended particles in Lynx Gloss Coat will impregnate the microscopic voids in metal surfaces, protecting metal anywhere corrosion and rust are a problem or simply to protect your metal for everyday use or storage. It also contains a cleaning agent that brings new life to metal, increases sheen, will not break finish, is non-polar and will not attract dust.

The rust inhibitors found in Lynx Gloss Coat make it an excellent candidate for dip coating parts that are already rusted.

Lynx Gloss Coat can be used on: firearms – knives – tools – nuts and bolts -antiques – steel parts – hinges – wood – leather – celluloid – automobiles – stag and so much more!

Wipe or spray on, set for 2 minutes, then wipe off. Use every time you clean your firearm, etc.

This product is 100% made in the USA by Big Bad Wolf LLC in Colorado Springs, CO.


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